loans for the unemployed
Lukas Thomas 21 June 2024

How to Manage Money When You are Out of Work?

Not having a job can make money very hard. But you can get through it with good plans. This guide gives tips to help manage money well when not working. Follow the advice to stay stable financially. Without income from employment, you must be clever with cash. Get in control of what you spend and …

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Same day personal loans
Lukas Thomas 19 June 2024

Top terrible excuses for missing your loan payment

Are you someone who has the worst experience when it comes to loan repayments? It is disappointing as the debts just get carried forward. Do you ever realise what the reason behind this could be? Maybe you have decided to take up a loan without acknowledging your financial condition. Later, you came to know that …

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financial planning uk
Lukas Thomas 14 June 2024

Financial Planning for Part-Time Workers with Variable Income

Budgeting gets tricky for those working part-time in the UK with that variable income. One month’s paycheck could be solid, but the next might be a letdown. This unpredictable cash flow makes financial planning a challenge. The smart move? Build yourself an emergency fund. Save portions of those bigger paychecks into savings. Then you’ve got …

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Lukas Thomas 13 June 2024

A Guide to COPD Care, Available Claims, and Sagacious Financing!

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which underlines the disability of the lungs to circulate even airflow throughout the body. COPD causes breathing issues in people as the infection causes low air circulation through the lungs. Relieving such symptoms is crucial to maintaining the breathing level. People with COPD are generally smokers or chainsmokers. …

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loan for bad credit without a guarantor
Lukas Thomas 6 June 2024

How to buy a home from the landlord directly?

Finding the property and evaluating the authenticity of the property to buy is cumbersome. However, you may practice sitting renting. A variety of buyers prefer purchasing the one they rent. They know the landlord and the property well. Thus, they wish to buy the same property. Moreover, a good relationship with the landlord may help …

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no-credit-check loans with no guarantors
Lukas Thomas 4 June 2024

Should you sell your house to pay debt?

The rising living costs and minimal income make it challenging to lead a debt-free lifestyle. No matter how hard one tries, one skips on one or the other payment. For example, emergency cash requirements like fixing the pipeline exhaust the savings. Sometimes, you skip important payments to meet the crucial need. This impacts your financial …

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