Get authorised bad credit loans within 40 minutes

If you are tired of application rejections due to bad credit, we may help. Get up to £15000 repayable for over 60 months in fixed installments. Up your loan approval chances by 95%. We consider every application on individual merit rather than credit score. Get a quick loan approval without a guarantor or a collateral requirement. Students, self-employed and unemployed can also apply. Split up and make repayments in easy installments rather than in one lump sum. No hidden fees. No pre-payment penalty. Get cash in your bank in 60 seconds.

What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are for individuals with low or poor credit history. It helps individuals facing constant rejections from mainstream lenders because of past credit mistakes. These loans help the bad credit individuals to meet any requirement like debt consolidation, fixing an appliance, or medical urgency without worries. If you have a stable income and improved financial behavior, you may qualify for these loans.

Bad credit loans: reasons to get one now!

These are specifically for individuals with low credit scores and income. It helps individuals qualify for quick cash from direct lenders like Fundingpeer.

We prioritise other aspects (mentioned above) than a credit score to provide a lump sum to borrowers. You may need money for immediate or long-term purposes. Low credit score loans fix the need with small and fixed instalments over the term.

You may qualify for £15000, repayable up to 60 months if approved. The interest rates on bad credit loans from direct lenders like us are competitive. Thus, you must ensure regular payments.

We allow you loan pre-payment if you are near closing the loan. Here are some other features:

Bad Credit Loans
  • No guarantor is needed

    If you need to bridge any urgent cost without involving your known one in the loan, you may secure easy loans for bad credit with no guarantor with us.

    These leave no particular impact on your credit profile if you top-up your repayments timely.

  • Quick fund disbursal with no hidden costs

    If you often find yourself in for surprise charges, you must apply with us now. Why? We keep the interest rates up front to eliminate any confusion.

    It becomes easier to follow the terms and total loan cost easily when seeking loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees. Apply and leverage the benefit of instant decision as well.

  • Build your credit score

    As a responsible lender, we grant immense opportunities to individuals to use bad credit loans to their benefit. You must maintain static repayments to qualify for better rates for future investments.

    We provide a quick glimpse of how to schedule your repayments without missing any. With consistent income and reduced outgoings, you can accomplish the desired score.

What varieties of loans are there for people with bad credit?

There are different types of bad credit loans that one may approach in the case of an emergency or for another purpose. The only factor here is- you must be confirmed about your choice and repayment potential before applying.

If you can ensure regular loan payments without any real challenges, you may qualify for loans with poor credit with us.

Here are some facilities (types) that you may qualify for under loans with bad credit for your pressing needs:

  • Unsecured personal loans

    These are ideal if you seek funds without pledging your priciest possession. The interest rate on bad credit can be competitive.

    We may ask for a personal guarantee in the form of a guarantor or deposit if the available proofs are insufficient while providing unsecured loans for bad credit for the apt decision.

  • Quick loans

    Sometimes, you may need more cash as an unemployed tenant or student or approaching payday. You may check quick loans for bad credit with us if you need cash to bridge any small emergency without waiting until payday or a job.

    With no credit and documentation constraints, get the easiest fetch with us. Pick a repayment schedule suitable to you and that we abide by.

  • Small loans

    These are no collateral loans for straight-away requirements. Grab up to £3000 without engaging in the hassles of applying with multiple lenders.

    Check these same-day loans for bad credit if you want to take advantage of the opportunity and apply for immediate approval. Get the sum to your account in a flash.

  • Unemployed loans

    Unemployment is situational. Many may find unemployed loans for bad credit a suitable fetch for different needs. If you are anyone of the below, you may apply:

    • Waiting for your first payment from government benefits
    • Left your job and need urgent funds to fix a startup deal
    • Retired and want to bridge a need until your pension credits
    • Need cash amid waiting for invoice clearance as a self-employed
    • You are furloughed on maternity leave with exhausted savings and limited pay

    Situations like no-employment days can impact your credit score. The reason can be either you do not apply or share pending debts with the inability to pay.

    Here, we assist individuals in getting the bare minimum to fund the essentials.

  • Payday loans

    Need quick cash without engaging in comprehensive and confusing eligibility criteria? Check payday loans for bad credit and get instant cash. This 30-day repayment facility is ideal for small purposes, and we never ask about them.

    If your income satisfies the requirement, you can fund the need immediately. It is only ideal for emergencies.

  • No guarantor loans

    Anyone requiring to manage independent finance without involving a guarantor/ person with solid financials and credit can apply for these loans.

    Facilities like no guarantor loans on bad credit help, especially students, and the unemployed, qualify for a sum without disclosing requirements and financial situation to someone else.

    Individuals with good supportive incomes can fetch affordable loan terms.

Where do bad credit loans prove beneficial for everyone?

Life surprises us with unplanned events. And one often falls on keeping track of incoming expenses.

How would you tackle an urgent expense without falling over finances here? Our bad credit personal loans cover almost any purpose if you need immediate funds. You can avail of these even if the event is still there.

You must have craved an additional pound in at least one of these events. Check how we can help you avoid significant cash setbacks with flexible funds at low credit scores:

Uses Implication Suitable for
Debt consolidation It denotes merging loan payments to a single payment to grab promising interest rates and save money. Anyone who wants to loan up for other needs or require extra cash in financial distress.
Marriage Financing requirements like- venue booking, catering, invitations, and accommodation Ideal for bachelors and guardians looking to make the one-time moment memorable
Rental payments Paying rent amid managing subscriptions and bills Students, tenants, employed, business, unemployed, seeking funds to meet rental payments.
Emergency medical costs Medical emergencies often dent the budget- use it for bill payment, treatment and plaster. Anyone above 18 years
Pay insurance premium If you have any insurance payment pending, use it Individuals with running policies. Pensioners can also apply.
Paying for child education and other needs Educational needs like- books, uniforms, and stationery purchase Parents, single mothers, or fathers with low-income or on benefits income

Apart from these, you may also use these personal loans for bad credit for home renovation or furniture and car purchase requirements. Identify the fund’s availability and tally it with your income and need.

You may fetch the best terms and interest per your income and affordability.

If you must, you could provide a guarantor or deposit to qualify for better sums, interest rates, and repayments over long-term loans like a car loan, mortgage, or marriage.

How do I qualify and then apply for bad credit loans?

Qualifying for low-credit loans with us is as swift as you conduct an online payment.

With minimal steps and requirements, we ensure encrypted funds disbursal to our customers. Before applying for bad credit loans, you must be familiar with the eligibility criteria:

Loan approval parameters Eligibility
Age requirements Between 18 and 70 Years
Income £700/month (full-time salaried) £400/month (part-time)
Maximum Amount to loan up £15000
Minimum amount to loan up £1000
Permanent Residency UK (International students can apply for £5000 max.)

If you find your income and outgoings suitable for swift cash, you can apply and bridge almost any dream without waiting endlessly to accumulate savings or depend on others.

Switch to a faster way to grab cash with us

If you have been seeking flexibility, more comfort, and apt repayments as per budget, you may get almost everything with us. Here is how to apply:

Application procedure
Step 1 Apply after analysing the eligibility criteria by filling out a form
Step 2 We identify the requirements and run some checks to gauge affordability
Step 3 Ask for supporting documents like pay slips for verification
Step 4 We mail you a detailed and personalised loan agreement for you to analyse and confirm with your signature
Step 5 Release the funds within 10 minutes of receiving your confirmation

Many prefer independent loans without visible credit screening and ask themselves:

“Can I get a bad credit loan without a credit check or a guarantor?”

You may find your wish come true with us if you ask this question a million times while applying for these bad credit history loans.

We ensure soft credit checks while providing loans. It helps the good aspects of your credit report. With these footprint-free loans, you can borrow without any worries. No, you do not need anyone for small loan amounts.

Grab the most affordable quote for bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check.

How do I get competitive rates on loans for very bad credit?

With our broad range of loan products for bad to poor credit history profiles, we ensure to tap every single need of our customers. Our loans are more feasible and affordable than credit cards and overdrafts that could ruin your minimum balance.

Check out some ways you can easily qualify for best-in-the-industry rates for very bad credit loans from direct lenders like us.

  • Work on your outgoings and ensure minimal debts in comparison to your income
  • Put forward an increased deposit/down payment
  • Seek promotion or switch to a better pay
  • Clear off past debts

You may secure competitive rates on very bad credit loans with no guarantor, and no broker is needed.

Our loans prioritise individual comfort and privacy and grants option to finance individually. Doing so gives you a detailed overview of the pending debts and eliminates extremities. It would help avoid unnecessary expenses and improve your lifestyle accordingly.

In a grim situation with strong finances or income, we approve applications with no fees for more flexibility.

Why prefer bad credit loans from Fundingpeer only?

There are ample reasons to partner with us for your requirements on bad credit history. Individuals prefer us for genuine and same-day loans for bad credit with no guarantor.

Nothing could be better than speedy finance in emergencies. Here are other reasons to apply now with us:

  • Flexibility to split repayments in any bad credit loan
  • Multiple options to qualify for your requirement instead of straightaway rejection
  • Affordable loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits income for the unemployed
  • Slightest possibility of default with competitive interest rates and terms
  • Simple application with expert assistance at every stage


Qualifying for Bad credit loans becomes easier with higher income and affordability brackets. Check some popular queries we receive. For further questions, contact us for a 1:1.

How to know whether I have a bad credit score or not?

Generally, it is hard to identify whether you have bad credit. If you are confused, identify these signs:

  • Consistent Loan application rejections
  • Credit card rejections or capped limit

If you are still confused, get your credit report from a credit bureau like Experian. It would ask you for a few details. Once done, you can overview your credit report with a score. If it is below 561, then you have bad credit.

How to remove delinquencies on my credit report?

The best way to remove paid debts or old CCJs, or bankruptcy status is by reporting your lender and credit agency about the same. The existence of these delinquencies impacts your ability to get loan approval. Request the change immediately after noticing. Always be on the look for such dualities and remove these asap.

I defaulted on a loan recently. Can I qualify for a car loan?

Yes, you may get approved for short-term loans on bad credit for your immediate requirements. For this, you only need a stable income.

No, you cannot qualify for a car loan with falling credit. Even if you do, the interest rate would be competitive.

In this situation, you can either:

  • Wait and work on your credit score improvement
  • Provide a deposit or additional security with a guarantor to get the car loan
Can I pay the wedding loan on bad credit early?

Yes, you can. We allow you to pay a lump sum early to help you with your credit score. However, it may suit for some loans. Call us to know more.

When is a bad credit loan a good idea?

If you have any of the below aims, a bad credit loan is always a good choice:

  • Meet an urgent cash need
  • Finance a time-critical business/personal purchase
  • Improve your credit score
  • Have bad credit and need suitable finance without facing rejection
  • However, it may only be ideal for some loans.
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