Consolidate your past dues with a debt consolidation loan

Debts are hectic to manage, and typically people have debts for various reasons like education, property, jewellery, travel etc. Working on multiple debts at the same time will bring a lot of hurdles and make you feel burdened. To defeat this, what can you do? Choosing debt consolidation loans will be your perfect solution as this is available despite having a poor credit score.

Taking this sort of personal loan lets, you overcome the stress of your past dues as well as bad credit. However, debt consolidation facilitates you to make all your monthly payments quickly. Most importantly, the interest rate is relatively low.

What is a debt consolidation loan for people with bad credit?

A debt consolidation loan generally combines different smaller loans. With this, the borrower needs to pay just one monthly payment instead of numerous payments or dues.

Taking Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit is always the perfect way to consolidate all other debts. By the way, this will reduce the debt burden that you have. It only means you have rationalised the loan based on your convenience. These loans are helpful for individuals with multiple debts and poor credit by giving them a great chance to start all over again with ease.

Conversely, it can streamline the finances to provide more favourable terms like lower interest rates or less monthly instalment amount.

Is a debt consolidation loan with bad credit a worthy choice?

Of course, the answer is yes. It is always beneficial to consolidate multiple debts to avoid several high-interest loans by utilising these loans. It is a practical choice for avoiding different issues related to past debts.

A debt consolidation loan for bad credit with no guarantor option allows you to easily pay off multiple forms of debt like credit cards, unsecured loans, medical bills, or other debts. First, it can help make things easier and speed up getting out of all your past debts.

Getting this loan is useful for borrowers with bad credit for different reasons, such as:

  • Let’s You Pay Many Debts At Once
  • Simplifies Your Finances
  • Makes Your Debts Affordable
  • Let’s You Pay Your Debt earlier
Debt Consolidation Loan

How to prepare for a debt consolidation loan with bad credit?

Borrowers with a poor credit history can easily apply for debt consolidation loans. In this scenario, your credit history should not stop you if you feel this loan is the right solution to cover your financial needs.

  • You can easily apply and qualify for the bad credit no guarantor debt consolidation loan by approaching us. The process is comparatively simple.
  • The typical loan terms are from 24 to 60 months or 2-5 years of duration.
  • It is also simple to get an equity loan with the equity in your mortgage if you have a home.

The loan terms are always favourable. Before that, it is better to know about the interest rate and other factors associated with the loan for a seamless process.

What are the alternatives of debt consolidation loans for poor credit?

Generally, the type and scale of the debt you need to consolidate let you determine the correct type of loan for easy use. For instance, you can use a secured loan or a mortgage if you have your own house.

Before choosing anything, it is better to know the exact factors associated with the options to avoid additional risks. Here are some of the alternatives of consolidation loans for bad credit:

  • Short-term instalment loans

    It is the common choice among people who need loans of up to £2000. It is repayable over 1 to 24 months. Still, it is an unsecured debt consolidation loan where you do not need any collateral to submit.

  • Personal loans

    Debt consolidation personal loans can be both secured and unsecured financings. The limit will be £1,000 to £25,000, which comes with repayment terms as long as ten years. This secured loan comes with a lower rate as loans secured by a property. In this scenario, you can borrow more based on the value of that property.

  • Mortgages & remortgages

    It is the best alternative to a secured loan that you could consider a mortgage or remortgage. Such an option should be used when you have heavy debts to clear, which is not possible with small lending options.

What are the benefits of choosing a debt consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation unsecured loans with bad credit will merge all your debts into a single one. You can easily pay multiple creditors over a single account. Therefore, plenty of benefits of these loans are, such as:

  • Fixed payment:

    Most debt consolidation loans for bad credit come with fixed interest rates combined with seamless repayment terms. Yet, the monthly payment is the same for every month.

    Unlike other options, a predictable monthly payment is stress-free to work based on the spending plan. Overall, it is easier to keep different debts or bills obligations. In particular, the payoff date lets you press forward with all your past debt-payoff efforts in an easy way.

  • Less interest rate:

    People might get this loan for one of many reasons. One of them is a lower interest rate. This loan comes with a better interest rate than any option. With this, you will save money overall.

  • Simplified finances:

    A debt consolidation loan is perfect for eliminating several monthly payments in one place. Of course, having one lender and a monthly bill will be a cool choice.

    In this scenario, do not worry about anything related to past debts. Also, assist you in avoiding missed payments by strengthening your payment history on time. In addition, it can help you to boost your credit score.

  • Improves credit score:

    In general, loans & debts are all recorded in the credit report. Paying off all your past debts with a debt consolidation loan improves your credit report and credit score.

How to manage debt consolidation loans with bad credit?

Once you receive enough funds from debt consolidation loans for bad credit from a direct lender, it is important to manage the money.

Debt Consolidation Loans With Bad Credit

Here are some methods to pay back your loan without floating new debt.

  • Work with a budget:

    Once you receive a loan, it is vital to draft a budget which helps to outline how you will repay the money.

    This process ensures that you will be capable of doing so. If any additional funds are left over, you pay down other debts you didn’t consolidate to lower your DTI ratio.

  • Pay off all debt directly

    Once you get a consolidation loan, you should immediately pay off your past dues or debt.

  • Try to set up automatic payments

    Many do, and some will give a discount for setting it up. It could be the smart way to lower the interest payments. In contrast, it will help you to monitor all financial activities. Meanwhile, making timely payments is the best way to manage a steady credit score.

How to process debt consolidation loans with bad credit?

We are one of the fastest-growing lending companies, committed to bringing the perfect alternative to traditional loans. As the direct lender, we cut out the middleman to connect people who want debt consolidation loans for bad credit in the UK.

With our perfect services, we have helped people to find solutions to their finances.

  • Contact us:

    We are an experienced team of professionals committed to offering the best debt consolidation loans for bad credit with no guarantor. So try to reach us to find the best solutions to get rid of all your past debts.

  • Loan application:

    We assist all our customers in getting the perfect loan from the beginning, as we assist in completing the online application process correctly with accurate details.

    It is the most important step to initiate the loan process effortlessly for easy acceptance. Especially we verify and approve your loan application and the supporting documents promptly.

  • Quotes and fund transfer

    We assist our customers in understanding the exact terms and conditions of the loans, which let our customers, find the final agreement and quotes. Once we approve your application, the debt consolidation loan amount you apply for is paid directly into your savings bank account.

Fundingpeer- place to get perfect loans to consolidate debts

At Fundingpeer, we offer the best debt consolidation loans for bad credit seamlessly.

  • We hold our applicants’ best interests and take a personal approach to the smooth application process, from checking the affordability to knowing all our customers’ needs.
  • We have huge industrial knowledge, consider all applications equally, and do everything for you to make repayments. Besides, we also offer flexibility when it comes to repayment plans.
  • With our best debt consolidation loans for poor credit, it is simple to make payments on time. With the right solution, we give you peace of mind while managing your finances. We are customer-centric and transparent.
  • We always assist our customers in getting more information about our debt consolidation loans.

Utilising a bad credit debt consolidation loan from us can relieve you greatly. Most importantly, it would help if you spoke with our experts, who can help you know all the terms related to debt consolidation with bad credit.


Why does taking a debt consolidation loan with no guarantor make sense?

You have multiple debts and thus, facing a bad credit issue is always there. In such a scenario, arranging a guarantor who should have a good credit score becomes difficult. Therefore, we have come up with no guarantor option to make it easier for you to apply and get acceptance.

Are there any specific eligibility criteria for bad credit people?

There needs to be a specific eligibility criterion to obtain a debt consolidation loan with bad credit. These are:

  • You should be improving your recent finances
  • Showing lenders that you are sincere in credit score improvement
  • You are asking for an affordable amount only
What are the things to be aware of in debt consolidation loans?

You must know the total loan cost, including the interest you pay overall. Also, focus on the Set-up fee. Instead, understand the impact on your credit score and whether it hurts your score.

What is an unsecured debt consolidation loans for poor credit?

These loans are not secured against personal assets, including your home or car.

In general unsecured debt consolidation loans for poor credit only for smaller amounts because these are more risky and expensive than secured loans; otherwise, unsecured and secured debt consolidation loans with bad credit work the same.

How much time does the approval take?

Approvals of debt consolidation loans for bad credit also take the same time as personal loans, but the process is fast. Once the lender accepts the application and related terms, the loan amount typically reaches your account within 24 hours.

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