Emergency funding with high chances of guaranteed loans

You must go for personal loans if you struggle to find another option. Applying for it requires serious commitment since you must have a reliable deal. Considering the factors like poor credit or high-interest rates, you always need clarification on whether you get these loans on guaranteed approval.

What about getting the loans on higher approval chances without worrying about your credit score issues? If you reside in the UK, Fundingpeer has specialised deals for guaranteed loan options, which you should consider.

Our loans are well-customised, with a surety of affordable rates and reasonable repayment schedules. Not only these, but our loans are also embellished with features like instant loan decisions and same-day fund transfers.

You only need to estimate your loan amount and judge your affordability. We vouch for a shorter approval time. Thanks to our well-advanced online technology, we have simplified our loan application process that approves your loans within a few minutes.

We want to fund your needs in your present financial scenario, not the past one. You may have made mistakes previously, but now you deserve a second chance. Therefore, we also do not hesitate to offer guaranteed loans for bad credit scores. Interest rates will remain competitive, and approval comes on your current affordability.

What are guaranteed loans?

A guaranteed loan is a facility where you are likely to be accepted regardless of your credit score, income, and your personal circumstances. We analyse incomings and outgoings to conclude whether the loan is affordable to you.

You can qualify immediately if you:

  • Have a low credit utilisation ratio
  • Have your name on the electoral roll
  • Review your credit history and clear debts often

By its literal meaning, it guarantees all application approval. But here is a twist.

When a pre-approval loan exists, there is nothing like guaranteed loans. Every lender must conduct a minimal affordability check to gauge the repayment potential.

Guaranteed Loans

In the same wave, we scan every application we receive on specific parameters like income and past credit handling. It helps decide the best in the customer’s interest. You may get the loan with instant approval if you host an incredible credit history and sufficient income.

You may secure up to £10000 for 3-36 months with a soft credit check. This screening does not get recorded and does not affect the credit score until you ensure timely payments.

Get instant cash loans with guaranteed approval

When you are out of options, a guaranteed loan may seem appealing. We help individuals with bad credit history cover immediate expenses by providing up to £10000 for 3-36 months. With a 3-minute application process and same-day funding, you can meet any short-term need. Cover requirements like electricity bills, medical bills, or credit card subscriptions with fast cash disbursal.

What are guaranteed loans?

A guaranteed loan is a facility where you are likely to be accepted regardless of your credit score, income, and your personal circumstances. It is ideal for circumstances where savings cannot help alone. We analyse incomings and outgoings to conclude whether the loan is affordable to you. You may get the loan with instant approval if your income exceeds monthly spending and have a disciplined credit profile.

Guaranteed loans for bad credit profiles. is there a twist?

Anyone can apply but may not get loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval. The eligibility depends on the personal information provided and the overall financials, including credit score.

We accept the application for a low credit score straightaway.

You may get guaranteed bad credit loans if you:

  • Have a pressing need and require fast cash
  • Have a stable income source
  • Need safe loans online as can not walk up to the lender
  • Share non-critical delinquencies or loan defaults

We approve your application for a less-than-ideal credit profile if:

  • You befit the eligibility parameters
  • You provide authentic employment and personal details
  • Can repay the amount in weekly/ monthly/ fortnightly payments

We are willing to take risks while providing bad credit guaranteed approval loans if you could be transparent about your needs and financials. Likewise, we may not approve the application if you lack sound income- part-time/full-time/income from self-employed.

Can I have guaranteed payday loans despite bad credit?

Yes, you can. These are also guaranteed payday loans for bad credit people as they are income-based loans that one can qualify for without any credit score constraints.

Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit

If you need to bridge any payment gap before the income credits, these loans can help. You never get tired of watching the site loading in circles with us. Instead, our is a straightaway loan approval and cash disbursal process.

You may get guaranteed acceptance payday loans with bad credit with us if your income suffices the cash requirement. We walk past your credit history and analyse your grievances with the best possible solution.

These loans are essentially for:

  • Car repairs
  • Household utilities
  • Emergency medical bills
  • Stationery
  • Childcare fees
  • Business inventory update

These are generally short-term guaranteed loans with a repayment period of about 3-4 months. We help you by granting you more freedom to stretch payments until 12 months.

It makes it more affordable for individuals with low incomes and high liabilities. It is why it is also known as a 12-month guaranteed loan popularly. Within this, you can only qualify for up to £5000 for time-critical needs.

Though poor credit is not an issue, not every application gets approval. Here are some tips to get guaranteed payday loans with bad credit:

  • Host a stable income and credit profile
  • Provide authentic address and id proof
  • Need funds only for emergencies
  • Have no more than 4 payday loans in your credit profile

Which loans can I get on bad credit with guaranteed approval?

One can have needs with different cash sizes. If you are on the look for loans with bad credit guaranteed approval, you may qualify for some at the lenient terms. Yes, some personal loans do not bother you with stringent credit scores or income requirements.

If you share any pressing need for cash, you can get the below-listed guaranteed loans from a responsible direct lender, like us, at affordable terms:

  • Debt consolidation loans

    These are apt to tap when you need to:

    • Free up clocked cash
    • Reduce liabilities toward creditors
    • Boost credit score quickly
    • Take up another big loan- mortgage or home improvement

    We provide guaranteed debt consolidation loans if your income and credit standing is sufficient to meet the requirements and repayments. It is always ideal for reporting delinquencies to credit bureaus and fetching better terms on debt consolidation here.

  • Small and pre-approved loans for the unemployed

    You must have encountered a desperate need for cash in a harsh phase like unemployment. Everyone can get minimal sum access. We provide guaranteed loans for unemployed individuals to help solve urgent necessities like:

    • Basic needs- food and water
    • Child’s health - vaccination or medicines
    • Bills/ rent

    The guaranteed approval may be there on loans for people on benefits at their minimal income statement, i.e. benefit income proof. You may get it even if you do not have a bank account. Provision is also there to get these guaranteed loans with no bank account with us.

  • Logbook loans

    It is a secured loan that you can get on your vehicle. Under this, you may secure a guaranteed loan for minimal car repairs if you own a car with proper registration papers. You get the amount per the condition of the car and its value.

  • Pre-approved business loan on bad credit

    If you have stable business finances, a good business plan, and past revenue statistics, you may get bad credit business start-up loans on guaranteed approval in the UK marketplace.

    Use it for:

    • Fund an overseas business expansion
    • Invest in the hiring/hr sector
    • Amp up production or manufacturing units
    • Hiring the best technical team
    • Website designing, development, and marketing
    • Ensure the best software infrastructures

    Whatever the need, you can fix it immediately with these guaranteed loans. You can fetch it without worrying about slow sales or no sales. As unsecured loans, these eliminate any requirement of pledging collateral and ensure swift cash in the account.

  • Long-term loans

    Sometimes, individuals need a flexible amount and want to spread it over the longer term. Grab these long-term installment loans for bad credit from reliable direct lenders only like us. These differ from small, fast loans that largely come on guaranteed approval. One can use these loans for any significant requirement like a home purchase, down mortgage payment and many more.

    You can expect guaranteed car loans on bad credit with us to fetch up to 10000 pounds. You can utilise the amount to purchase a new car or car repair and replacement fixtures.

Are guaranteed loans available with no guarantor and credit check?

Customers find interacting and availing of guaranteed loans a breeze with us. The reason is -

We grant each the freedom and the flexibility to take independent financial decisions regarding any cash help.

If you are on top of your finances, you can get guaranteed loans with no guarantor or credit check with us. Any student, unemployed, tenant, etc., may qualify for any small requirement with us without stressing about high-interest costs or loan fees.

These no-guarantor loans only mandate income proof. It helps us analyse and make an informed choice regarding your application. Unless you meet the eligibility, we do not call for a third person’s credentials for loan approval.

Also, you can get these guaranteed loans with no credit check. We prioritise customer ease and provide a footprint-free facility for minimal needs up to £5000. We only conduct a soft credit screening to ensure responsibility of taking care of your finances. It is perfect for those having low credit histories that need independent finance solutions.

You can explore other bad credit loans available on guaranteed approval and no guarantor with an affordable direct lender like us.

How to apply for pre-approved loans with bad or very bad credit?

You may be mistaken if you are seeking bad credit loans with 100% guaranteed approval. There is nothing like 100% approval. Each borrower must adhere to specific qualification standards.

Here is how you can apply for guaranteed on poor credit or very bad credit scores and qualify seamlessly:

Apply for guaranteed loans on bad credit

With us, you may qualify for easy guaranteed loans if you meet the below terms:

  • Age between 18-65 years
  • Hold a personal bank account
  • Reliable debit card detail
  • Income proof
  • Not on any debt repayment plan

Click “APPLY” and provide your personal details to grab a quick quote. We only ask for essentials in bad credit guaranteed approval loans.

You will receive a quote addressing the requirement and terms. Quickly mail us your approval on the same.

Soon after your approval, we will release the amount asked in your respective account number.
Set up a direct debit to remain informed about payments and pay timely.
Apply for guaranteed loans on very bad credit

The eligibility criteria remain the same, along with a few additions to secure very bad credit loans with guaranteed approval:

  • Earn above 500/month
  • Borrow less amount than you need

The loan application procedure is the same for each loan product at Fundingpeer, i.e. online.

You will soon get an instant loan quote from us. If required, we may ask for an additional guarantee in the form of a guarantor if you need £10000 straight.

If you desire less than that, you can get it without any guarantor.

We identify the amount as per your income and credit standing and release an apt amount for your need. We may reject it if it leads to further credit deterioration.

Say yes to the auto-debit facility to avoid missing any payments.

How soon can I get the loan approval?

You may qualify and get these guaranteed loans on the same day. As you tick all the eligibility criteria boxes, we instantly release the funds.

As you can get these loans with:

No upfront charges
No collateral- assessment
No documentation

You may get these guaranteed same-day loans within 15 minutes of approval of the loan application. You can do it fast by following the 3 tips:

  • Just be apt with the details
  • Ensure clarity of the loan purpose
  • Apply for the right amount you require

Why dial in our number for guaranteed loans?

With this, we make things easier for individuals, irrespective of their credit scores regarding guaranteed loans. Thus, in any situation, you can reach out to us without worries.

Until now, you must be confirmed of the fact that:

  • We never approve any loan without conducting checks
  • We welcome everyone from students to retirees for guaranteed cash help
  • We provide instant cash assistance on weekends too

Apart from these, there are other reasons to contact us now:

  • Personalised loan quotes and repayment plans
  • Flexibility to halt repayments until 2 months (interest-free) if losing a job or business shutdown
  • Re-schedule repayment if you miss payments consecutively (3 in a row)


You may have encountered the best possibilities to qualify for guaranteed loans with us. Here are a few questions that you may benefit from:

When may I need a guaranteed payday loan?

You may need payday loans in any of the below instances:

  • Want instant money without moving to the bank
  • Cannot wait until payday or salary
  • Share low credit score to qualify for other loans
  • Have an urgent need to counter in cashless situation

However, these are also high-risk personal loans, which you may get on guaranteed approval owing to competitive interest rates and terms.

Should I seek guaranteed loans from a broker?

No. Getting these highly sensitive loans from brokers can be time-consuming—moreover, not every broker deals in these. If you wish to avoid the hassle and want quick cash without affecting your bottom line and safety, contact the best direct lenders like us.

How can I Re-schedule repayments if I cannot pay anymore?

As guaranteed loans share limited requirements, one must decide consciously while availing of these loans. You can re-schedule the payments the following way:

How can I fetch an affordable guaranteed loan?

If you are in pressing financial and credit situations but need guaranteed loans for your purpose, take the below initiatives:

  • Clear credit card debts
  • Borrow a small amount
  • Consolidate debts
  • Increase your income

If you cannot host a credible credit profile, ensure a good income or revenue to back up the loan repayments and qualify instantly.

Are there any hidden fees that I should know?

No, there aren’t any. We keep the fee structure transparent for you to analyse better and decide. You will always know the pre-payment or missed payment fee likewise. In a state of confusion, contact us.

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