Raise capital for expanding your business or start-ups

Do you require an adequate amount for business operations? Want to reach new heights through your business? At that point, business loans are perfect for you. It is one of the common types of loan borrowed by a business entity rather than an individual.

These loans are available in different categories and utilised for various commercial activities, such as:

  • Vehicle purchases
  • Overhead costs
  • Inventory purchases
  • Tax payments
  • Salaries
  • Expansion
  • Acquisitions
  • Business start-ups
  • Franchising, etc.
Business Loans

A loan provides companies with enough money to cover day-to-day operating costs. However, it offers a convenient, low-cost way to finance all business activities.

Most importantly, these options can be used for these business purposes:

  • Boosting cash flow
  • Recruiting staff
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Covering unexpected bills

First of all, these are mainly tailored to suit individual needs.

Is it possible to be eligible for bad credit business loans?

Just because the business or business person has bad or poor credit doesn’t mean you can’t get funds or loans for business purposes. More alternative lending options are accessible for entrepreneurs or new business persons in this situation.

Businesses with poor or no credit can also easily meet the requirements and get loans. We can provide business loans for poor credit in different categories, which will be the perfect choice to sort out different financial complications.

Like anything relating to your business, before applying for a loan, you need to do research. It lets you know how credit impacts the chances and allows you to understand what options are available.

Business owners with poor credit must demonstrate stable cash flow to borrow funds.

Regardless of the credit, we offer the loan by examining the borrower's repayment capability. We specialise in start-ups with credit issues, and keep the rates on competitive side.

Nevertheless, bad credit improved progressively by paying off old debt and responsibly handling new debt. An individual or any enterprise takes a loan to start a company, which can be important for expanding operations.

What is the main purpose of start-up business loans for bad credit?

For start-ups or starting new businesses, anyone can borrow enough money to start a new business. The cash borrowed can vary according to what they want, like buying a piece of land or initial working capital, leasing office space, or anything it could be.

Start-Up Business Loans

Business loans for start-ups will sometimes be provided for assets or properties available to the owners.

  • Expanding business operations

    Buying land or leasing a property is one of the main concerns when it comes to expanding business operations. If the business has grown large enough or is scaling up, you wish for the opportunity. Many companies typically go with business loans in the UK based on their growth projections and operations.

  • Purchase types of equipment

    We know that technology has become a key thing in the information age of business. It comes with a pre-set expiry date, and there is a demand to purchase or need for upgrading existing technology or equipment.

    However, buying, replacing, or renting new equipment will improve production or operations. Generally, the advantage of buying tools can be claimed yearly over the first-year tax exemptions through business equipment loans.

  • Purchase of inventory

    Normally, most businesses would require immediate capital when purchasing inventory stock, or money flow is essential for buying raw materials. There are plenty of situations where the demand for the product or services may be very high across the market.

    In most cases, businesses will need more funds to get the raw materials to cover the increasing demand. These problems can be solved when companies or enterprises take unsecured business loans to get the inventory required for production.

  • Enhanced operational investment

    Unlike large-scale businesses, most small businesses may need more working capital to cover their daily business activities in real time. In this scenario, it is better to take short-term loans till the own assets earn revenues to cover all the operational needs.

What varieties of business loans are available to apply for?

Many loans are for business owners based on profile and requirements. These loans differ in terms of purpose, tenures, interest rates, funds, etc. Henceforth, consider the below list to pick the suitable alternative according to your business requirements.

  • Secured loans:

    Secured loans are a common option among business people. They require that you put down an asset like property as security. Especially these kinds of loans often come with lower interest rates yet are more beneficial than unsecured ones.

    Furthermore, this will give you access to a larger amount with a long term repayment. Nevertheless, loans come with the added risk factor that you could lose your assets if you don’t make the repayments properly.

Small Business Loans
  • Unsecured loans:

    Unsecured business loans for start-ups are the smart choice because it does not require security to get a huge sum of money.

    Taken as a whole, these types of loans tend to have higher interest but are beneficial to cover immediate cash needs. Yet, it requires a good financial history as evidence that the respective business will be able to repay.

  • Start-up loans:

    The start-up loan offers up to £250,000 to UK business owners looking to start a business. Once gets approval from us, then you will get free mentoring. These loans usually come with a fixed annual interest rate and must be repaid in one to five years.

  • Small business loans:

    These loans are ideal solutions for start-ups, especially because it is the brilliant financial assistance available for small businesses to access funding.

    You can use loans for small businesses for various purposes, such as hiring new staff to manage cash flow. It will be repaid over a fixed period along with interest.

    However, large business loans are perfect as they tend to be cheaper when compared to small loans and come with less perceived risk.

  • Self-employed:

    Self-employed business loans are ideal for individuals working independently in their respective industries. Conversely, they also need help securing a loan largely due to unstable income and past credit issues.

    Sole traders, Freelancers, and entrepreneurs can apply for these loans to set up their workspace, or it can be perfect for getting working capital.

  • New business:

    Your business idea needs the capital amount to make the idea into a profitable choice in reality. The new business loans with bad credit are available according to the idea and financial condition.

  • Working capital:

    Your existing business may experience a cash crunch due to unavoidable situations, including any market crash or major accident. Then the bad credit will upturn the trouble with many rejections and lengthy processes.

    In that scenario, the business working capital loans are considered the perfect solution with instant approval, especially fund disbursement, within a few hours.

  • Short-term loans:

    It will provide temporary relief and offer enough funds to pay the supplier to carry out further operations in the business. The amount will be useful to cover the investment required for starting a new project.

How can a business get benefits through small loans?

There are several benefits of small business loans. Here, let us look at the top advantages of this popular loan:

Convenient & Easy

Receiving a loan is as easy, convenient, and far more straightforward.

Realistic interest rates

When it comes to small funding, we stick to our policy of affordable interest rates.

No collateral required

We usually offer loans without demanding any collateral. In general, this is an unsecured yet attractive option for small businesses.

Flexibility for usage

We don’t keep interest in how you run your business nor dictate how you should utilise the money. We are just concerned with timely repayments.

Tax profits

The loan interest is tax-deductible. Before availing of loans for small businesses, you must check the interest limit with eligibility.

Multiple loan options

Various business loans allow you to meet the different needs of businesses, like invoice finances, machinery loans, and many more.

Quick disbursal

No documentation is needed for the processing and quickly disbursed funds to allow your business to continue operations while waiting for funds.

Enhanced business credit

It can improve the business’s creditworthiness. For this, pay the loan on time. It can help you get more financing at the lowest interest rates later.

How to get financial support with same-day funding

When a business is stressed about paying a bill or struggling to make an essential purchase, then this will lead to many cash flow problems.

To eliminate this instance, same-day loans for businesses can be useful. It helps to plug the financial gap. Before going to avail of loans, it is essential to understand what a same-day loan is and what sort of business applies for this. Go through with a quick look at its features:

  • No Extra Charges
  • Apply Online In 2 Minutes
  • Borrow up to £250k

We bring financial solutions to help your business thrive

Fundingpeer takes great pride in energetically facilitating the finest solutions for businesses as they bid to cover all their objectives in their business. We are an experienced, authorised provider committed to delivering honest bad credit business loans with guaranteed approval in the UK.

Besides, we offer transparency and friendly support at every stage of the quick application process. Furthermore, assist our customers from the beginning to the repayment terms.

Also, our team educates our customers to compare business loans with overall repayment costs. It lets them make a perfect decision regarding financial factors. We are happy to work with you, and if you approach us, we will discuss all characteristics in the clear and do every process concisely that is free from unnecessary jargon.

Our main motto is enabling fast funding, which is likewise trouble-free yet inexpensive. Most business people have already availed of our loans and been able to make the finest use of them.

We offer funding help for entrepreneurs of every age. Business aspirants have experienced the following benefits when they get loans from us.

get loans from Fundingpeer
  • Reasonable interest rates

    Our professional team works for you to offer the best loan products. If you approach us, then you will get money with competitive interest rates than other lenders in the UK.

  • No risk factors:

    As leading companies, we follow advanced technology to protect your business details and maintain everything. We focus only on the customer-centric solutions, and thus, we do not reveal you information to any third party.

  • Seamless lending criteria

    We bring the option of no prepayment charges, even if there are no late repayment fees. First, we can expect timely repayment, and our team is committed to making the lending process seamless and error-free.

  • Easy application process

    If you need to get quick business loans online, then you need to follow the below simple steps:

    • Apply online by completing an application form with proper details
    • Get same-day approval
    • Receive money to the bank account directly within a few hours


How can I utilise a business loan?

It is a source of finance that facilitates companies that need money for different purposes. Think upon several reasons for getting business loans, such as

  • Business Growth: having enough money could help a business to expand.
  • Purchasing Power: it can help to buy new equipment, invest in office space or let you increase inventory
  • Recruitment: this loan is also used to invest in recruitment and help hire new employees.
  • Cash Flow: it could help improve your business’s cash flow. For this, it is important to have a strategic plan to help overcome issues in the future.
Can I opt for a loan if my company has ccj?

Without a doubt, CCJ puts bad impact to your overall financial record. It puts doubts on your capability to repay the borrowed sum. Normally, the lender checks the CCJ and the respective cause. Approval on loan may come if the reasons of judgement are genuine.

Both small and large-scale businesses have needed help managing repayments during the pandemic. The situation is understandable, so you need to convince the respective representative of the reason if you need to obtain loans with a CCJ.

Can I get a business loan without collateral?

Yes. Applying for a loan with no collateral is simple, but your credit could be better when getting huge amounts. The lender requires the borrower to secure the loan with collateral. Smaller amounts do not need to provide any assets. It also eradicates the need for a guarantor.

What happens if I miss repaying the loan or can’t repay it?

During the situation of missing payment, it is important to make up for that amount soon. You may need to pay the amount with a late payment fee & extra interest. Sometimes, it may include an administration fee. It will vary depending on the terms and conditions of the respective loan.

If you have taken these loans by giving collateral or your assets, they may be seized if you default on the loan.

The defaulting time frame is also detailed in your loan contract. To avoid complications, you must check everything carefully. However, legal action may be there if you do not pay back the loan.

How to process sole trader loans?

Sole trader loans are accessible for those individuals who own or run a business as a self employed. Dissimilar to limited companies, sole traders receive many benefits because they do not need to put many documents. This will make it more difficult for the owners to access funding through traditional facilities.

In general, business loans for sole traders with different aspects can either be secured with relevant collateral or unsecured. To obtain this, no collateral and no documents necessary.

How do I repay a loan?

The repayment terms will be different, according to the type of loan. Many short-term business loans, including Merchant Cash Advances and Invoice Financing, are repaid from incoming business receipts. It means these will be repaid quickly and automatically. Other loans, like Commercial mortgages, may be spread over many years. In this scenario, borrowers want to make monthly or quarterly repayments of capital and interest.

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