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The consequences of a financial emergency are quite scorching, which imbalance your handling of regular payments. You need external funding support from a reliable lending place. CFundingpeer is a trustworthy lending hub where everything is accessible as your financial solution.

Our lending service is embellished with an exclusive chain of loan products. Each of them further includes borrower-friendly features, such as competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

Before going on to the loans, we would like to discuss some vital information with you.

Who is eligible for our affordable loans?

Anyone above 18 years of age and a resident of the UK can apply for any of our loan deals. However, we accept both full-time and part-time income. Generally, our loans are ideal for these individuals:-

  • Students
  • Retired people
  • Unemployed and self-employed
  • Business owners
  • People with bad credit scores
  • Disabled and single parents
  • Homeowners and tenants

Why do you need our loans?

Availing of a loan is common when there is a financial need or a desire. Our loans are suitable for both planned and unplanned expenses.

However, we offer loans on flexible norms, which pave the way for smooth application and quick funding.

  • You can seek our affordable loans when you:
  • Want to calm down your financial emergency;
  • Need to keep up cash flow during unemployment;
  • Want quick funding despite poor credit score;
  • Wish to boost your business capital;
  • Require funding for home renovation;
  • Want funds for urgent car repair;
  • Want extra funding to manage holiday expenses;
  • Do not have a guarantor to go for a loan

Loan products

We bring a platform for you to choose among various types of loans according to your income capacity and circumstances. We accept only online loan applications and are committed to instant loan decisions and same-day fund transfers.

Business loans

The moment has arrived to grow your business now with our efficient financial support.

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Debt consolidation loans

Merge your debts and convert them into a single loan with affordable interest rates.

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Doorstep loans

We have brought our bespoke loans to your doorstep. Manage your finances now without leaving your home.

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Guaranteed loans

Nothing stops you from availing of our quick funding support. Get loans irrespective of any credit score.

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Long-term loans

Do not halt your bigger financial goals with a lack of funds. We are ready to fund you for a long duration.

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No guarantor loans

Go for our loans without any guarantor requirement. Repay the loan in your own capacity.

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Payday loans

Answer your urgent financial issues by having our payday loans in 15 minutes with no credit check.

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Personal loans

You may have many personal needs to accomplish. You can fulfil them by having our personal loans.

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Same-day loans

Apply now for our loans and get approved today only. Moreover, we transfer the funds within a few minutes.

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Unemployed loans

You may not be getting full-time monthly income, but your cash flow will continue with our loans for the unemployed.

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Unsecured loans

Why worry when you lack an asset to secure your loan amount? Go for our unsecured loans now.

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Bad credit loans

Feel never upset when you have made past credit mistakes. Time is to improve them with our loans for bad credit.

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